Croatian English Food Dictionary

ajvar made from minced roast eggplant and capsicum and flavoured with lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and parsley
ananas pineapple
arambašiči mincemeat parcels rolled in vine or silver beet leaves
artičoka artichoke
artičoke na dalmatinski način artichokes stuffed with breadcrumbs soaked in milk and lemon juice, seasoned with parsley and garlic then drizzled with olive oil and oven baked
bakalar dried salted cod that is reconstituted in water before cooking
bakalar s krumpirom dried salted cod simmered with oil, bay leaves and lemon slices - served with diced boiled potatoes and parsley
baklava filo pastry squares stuffed with chopped nuts, sugar and cinnamon and drenched in melted butter and rose-water flavoured syrup
banana banana
bečki odrezak Wiener schnitzel
bijeli mekani sir cottage cheese
blatina red wine
blttva silver beet, Swiss chard -green leafy vegetable indigenous to Croatia
bltva s krumpirom boiled potatoes served with silver beet fried in garlic and drizzled with olive oil
bola refreshing chilled drink made from sugar and fruit or herbs soaked in white wine
borgonja Istrian red wine
borovnica blueberry
brancin sea bass
breskva peach
brodet na dalamatinski način Dalmatian-style mixed fish stew with rice
brodet tasty fish stew often served with polenta
bubreg kidney
bučice courgeffe, zucchini
burek oily flaky pastry stuffed with cheese or minced meat - popular breakfast food or snack of Turkish origin
burek s mesom fried minced beefand onion layered between filo pastry sheets then topped with beaten eggs and milk and baked
burek sa sirom filo pastry layered with a mixture of beaten eggs, cottage cheese, sour cream and dill then oven baked
burgundac premium red wine
celer celery
cikla beetroot
crna maslina black olive
crni rižoto 'black risotto' -highly prized risotto containing cuttlefish, squid, olive oil, onion, garlic, parsley and red wine and given its black colour by the addition of squid ink
crvena paprika red capsicum, red bell pepper
cvjetača cauliflower
cvjetača s kiselim vrhnjem boiled cauliflower topped with sour cream, melted butter, cheese and breadcrumbs then oven baked
čajno pecivo cookie, sweet biscuit
češnjak garlic
čokoladna krema chocolate cream dessert
ćevapčići skinless minced beefand lamb sausages flavoured with garlic, parsley, pepper and salt - served grilled
dagnja mussel
Dalmatinska salata od hobotnice octopus salad - a Dalmatian speciality
dimljen smoked
dimljena riba smoked fish
dimljeni losos smoked salmon
dimljeni sir smoked cheese
dingač Dalmatian red wine
dinja honeydew melon
divlja šparoga wild asparagus
divlji wild
dnevni meni daily special
doboš torta rich layered cake of Hungarian origin garnished with coffee cream and caramel
dobro pečen well done
domaći home-made, home-style
domaći rezanci home-style egg noodles - often served in soups
dunja quince
džem jam
džuveč casserole made from mixed vegetables pork cutlets and rice - flavoured with parsley, celery leaves, chilli and tomato paste
fazan pheasant
fileki tripe
francuska salata salad of diced potato, carrot and peas smothered in a lemony mayonnaise sauce
fuži pasta twirls
gljiva mushroom
golub pigeon
govedina beef
goveđa juha beef bouillon
goveđi gulaš diced beefand pork braised with onion, sauerkraut, sour cream and paprika
grah dried beans
graševina white riesling-style wine
grožđe grape
gulaš od divljači game goulash
gulaš-juha 'goulash soup'-thick hearty soup containing red pepper, potatoes, diced beef flavoured with red wine, bay leaf, tomato paste, caraway seed, chilli, onion and garlic
guska goose
heljda buckwheat
hladetina brawn prepared from boiled pigs' hocks or trotters and cubed pork shoulder with the addition of
hladni pladanj cold cuts - might include thin slices of delicious Istrian or Dalmatian pršut and goat's cheese, all garnished with olives
hobotnica octopus
hrenovka frankfurter
inćun anchovy
Istarska jota Istrian stew prepared from sauerkraut, beans, potatoes and smoked dried meats -seasoned with garlic and bay leaves
Istarski kaneloni pancakes filled with a mixture of fried cubed prosciutto and ham, cottage cheese and mushrooms then dipped in beaten egg and breadcrumbs, fried and topped with a tomato sauce
Istarski lonac Istrian hotpot of diced lamb, carrot, cabbage, garlic, tomato, onion and olive oil - flavoured with bay leaves and sometimes white wine
jabuka apple
jagoda strawberry
jaje egg
jaje na oko fried egg
janjeća čorba lamb stew of parsley root, celeriac, Brussels sprouts and carrot - flavoured with tomato paste, sour cream, paprika, bay leaves, lemon juice and parsley
janjeća juha soup made from lamb, root vegetables, rice, cabbage, egg yolk, garlic, onion, bay leaf, peppercorns, lemon juice, sour cream, parsley and spices
janjetina lamb
janjetina na ražnju lamb cooked on a spit
japraci mincemeat parcels rolled in vine or silver beet leaves (also called arambašićU
jastog lobster
ječam barley
jegulja eel
jetrena pašteta pate
jogurt yoghurt
juha od cvjetače cauliflower soup with sour cream and egg yolk - thickened with a mux
juha od gljiva s heljdinom kašom rich buckwheat and mushroom soup containing beef stock and sour cream and seasoned with cloves and parsley
juha od graha soup made from dried kidney or borlotti beans, smoked bacon bones (or smoked pork hock), onion, carrot, bay leafand garlic
juha od graška pea soup
juha od heljdine kaše i krumpira buckwheat and potato soup containing sour cream, onion and minced parsley
juha od kisele repe i graha sour turnip and bean soup
juha od kiselog kupusa i graha sauerkraut and bean soup
juha od krastavca cucumber soup
juha od krumpira na Zagorski način Zagorje potato soup containing smoked bacon and onion - flavoured with marjoram, bay leaves, paprika, parsley and vinegar
juha od krumpira potato soup containing smoked bacon, garlic, sour cream, spices, marjoram, bay leaves, parsley, vinegar and paprika
juha od mahuna runner-bean soup
juha od piletine i povrća chicken and vegetable soup with carrot, celery, parsnip and peas - served with noklice (dumplings)
juha od povrća vegetable soup
juha od rajčica tomato soup
juha od repe i kupusa turnip and cabbage soup
juha od špinata i krumpira spinach and potato soup containing pureed spinach, diced potatoes and beef bouillon - thickened with a sour cream and egg yolk roux
juha odbujače pumpkin soup
juha soup
kajgana scrambled eggs
kalamari caiamari, squid
kapar caper
kaša gruel, porridge
kaša od zobi oatmeal porridge
kaštradina dried mutton soup with vegetables
kavijar caviar
kesten chestnut
kesten pire dessert prepared from chestnut puree, sugar, vanilla, rum and cream and garnished with chocolate shavings
kiflice delicate crescent-shaped biscuits that come in a variety of flavours including vanilla
kiflice od badema almond biscuits dusted with icing sugar made from butter, flour, ground almonds and vanilla sugar
kiflice od oraha biscuits made from a dough of butter, egg yolks, cream cheese, flour and sugar - stuffed with an egg white, sugar Aground-walnut filling
kiseli kupus sauerkraut - dear to the hearts of Croatians, sauerkraut is prepared from whole cored cabbage heads layered with horseradish, bay leaves, garlic, dried red pepper and salt
klinčić clove
knedle dumplings made from butter, semolina flour, eggs and milk - often served in soups
kobasica sausage
kolač cake
komorač fennel
kompot stewed fruit
kotlovina fried pork chops simmered in a piquant sauce containing onions, garlic, tomato, mustard, chillies, white wine and paprika - traditionally prepared outdoors over an open fire
kozji sir goat's milk cheese
krastavac cucumber
krema cream - filling
krempita layered puff pastry filled with a custard-like cream
krepka juha od mesa mesa broth, consomme
kroštule similar to Italian crostoli, these are bow-shaped pastries flavoured with lemon rind and vanilla then deep fried in oil and sprinkled with icing sugar
kruh bread
krumpir potato
krumpir salata potato salad
kruška pear
krvavica blood sausage
kuglice od ruma rum balls made from egg whites, ground walnuts, sugar, grated chocolate and rum - a rich treat
kuglof ring-shaped sponge cake sometimes flavoured with lemon or containing raisins soaked in rum
kuhan koohan boiled, cooked
kuhan na pari steamed
kuhana govedina boiled beef
kuhana škrpina boiled scorpion fish - a Dalmatian speciality
kuhana šunka boiled ham
kuhani krumpir boiled potatoes
kukuruz corn
kulen paprika-flavoured sausage
kumin caraway
kupina blackberry
kupus cabbage
leća lentil
ledene kocke coffee-flavoured or chocolate-flavoured sponge cake layered with chocolate cream
lička kisela čorba 'Lika-style sour stew'-stew prepared with cubed meat, mixed vegetables and cabbage - flavoured with garlic, vinegar, sour cream and parsley
lignje caiamari, squid
lignje s krumpirom traditional Dalmatian dish consisting of squid cooked between layers of potato seasoned with mixed herbs, garlic and parsley and doused with olive oil
limun lemon
lišće maslačka dandelion leaves - popular salad greens with a slightly bitter taste
losos salmon
lovorov list leest bay leaf
lubenica watermelon
lubin sea bass
luk onion
mađarica layers of a rich sweet baked dough interspersed with a chocolate cream filling and topped with melted chocolate
mahuna green bean
majoneza mayonnaise
makov kolač poppy-seed cake
makovnjača poppy-seed roll
makovo sjeme poppy seed - often used in pastries
malina raspberry
malvazija white Istrian wine with a yellowy-gold colour
maneštra od bobi awd bawfoee broad-bean soup with fresh maize
maneštra vegetable and bean soup sometimes containing meat - similar to Italian minestrone
maraska voćna salata fruitsaladcontaining sour and sweet cherries, pear and quince macerated in maraskino liqueur and dusted with sugar
maraskino liqueur made from Dalmatian sour cherries and flavoured with the kernels, giving it a slightly bitter aftertaste - known in English as 'maraschino'
marelica apricot
mariniran marinated
maslac duffer
maslina olive
maslinovo ulje lye olive oil
masnoća fat
med honey
medovina mead (mildly alcoholic fermented honey drink)
Međimurska salata od luka salted onions with the excess liquid removed and dressed with pumpkinseed oil - served as a side dish
Međimurski gulaš veal stewed with onion, garlic, hot peppers, pickled peppers and ajvar
mesna jela meof dishes
meso meat
miješana salata mixed salad
miješano meso mixed grill - popular menu item as Croatians love their meat
mlijeko milk
mlinci - a Zagorje speciality often served at festive gatherings
mlinci pasta tatters made from flour, eggs and dripping and sometimes coated with butter, cream or cottage cheese - typical accompaniment to roasted meats or bakalar
mortadela mortadella - type of aromatic pork sausage with small squares of fat and served thinly sliced as an appetiser
moruna sturgeon (fish)
musaka moussaka - layered lasagne-style dish containing meatand vegetables
musaka od zelenih i crvenih paprika moussaka made from peeled, grilled green and red capsicums layered with fried ground beef with onion and a sauce made from feta, sour cream and eggs
musaka s patlidžanima i tikvicama eggplant and zucchini moussaka made from layered eggplant and zucchini interspersed with ground beefand a sauce made from feta, eggs and
muškatov oraščić nutmeg
na ražnju roasted on a spit
na žaru barbecued, grilled (broiled)
nabujak od riže zhe rice pudding
nadjev stuffing
naranča orange
naravni odrezak veal escalope
narodna jela traditional Croatian dishes
nepotpuno pečen rare
noklice dumplings for soup made from breadcrumbs, milk-soaked bread, eggs and parsley - there are variations containing minced liver Ameat
njoki gnocchi (dumplings made from semolina or potato)
ocat vinegar
odojak na ražnju suckling pig roasted on a spit
okruglice dumplings made from semolina or potato - served as a savoury accompaniment or, stuffed with plums or jam, as a dessert
omlet omelette
omlet sa sirom cheese omelette
opolo Dalmatian red wine
orada gilthead (fish)
orah walnut
orahnjača walnut roll - ground walnut, butter, cinnamon and sugar mixture encased in a yeasty dough and then baked
oslić hake
ostriga oyster
ovčji sir sheep's milk cheese
palačinka pancake - often served filled with jam or ground nuts then topped with chocolate, may also come with savoury fillings as a main course
palačinka sa sirom dessert pancake filled with cottage cheese, sugar, raisins, egg and sour cream then oven baked
palenta polenta
papar od ljutih papričica cayenne pepper
papar pepper
paprika paprika
paprikaš paprikash - beef or fish stew heavily flavoured with paprika
pastirska juha 'shepherd's soup' - soup made from cubed lamb, veal chops and pork neck also containing onion, garlic, chilli, bay leaves, paprika, tomato, potato and wine
pastrva trout
paški sir sheep's milk cheese from the island of Pag
pašta fažol bean soup with pasta
pašticada Dalmatian speciality consisting of beef rounds larded with smoked bacon then stewed with fried vegetables flavoured with rosemary, bay leaves and peppercorns and served with a white wine, olive, lemon juice and beef stock sauce. Another version has a sauce made from dried fruit and apples, tomato paste and red wine.
patka duck
patka s maslinama garlic then marinated in a mixture of wine, lemon juice, thyme, oil and pepper and roasted in the oven
patlidžan eggplant
pečen baked, roasted
pečen na žaru grilled
pečen u tavi pečena orada s prokulicom roast gilthead (fish) with silver beet - a Dalmatian speciality
pečena svinjetina roast pork
pečurka field mushroom
pečurke na žaru grilled field mushrooms
peršin parsley
pikantan hot, spicy, savoury
pile na dalmatinski način 'Dalmatian-style chicken' - boiled chicken pieces covered with a sauce of olive oil, onion, capers, parsley and anchovies then baked in the oven
pileća krem-juha cream of chicken soup
piletina chicken
pirjan stewed
pita sa špinatom spinach pie made from flaky pastry and boiled seasoned spinach layered with cottage-style cheese
pizza pizza - often wood-fired, Croatian pizzas rival their Italian cousins as cheap delicious meals
plavac Dalmatian red wine
pljeskavice od blitve patties made from silver beet, grated cheese, breadcrumbs, eggs and olive oil then seasoned with garlic and mint, fried and topped with sour cream
podlanica gilthead seabream (fish)
podravski lonac law-nats layer of cooked dried beans, topped with pork cubes (or pork chops), a layer of cabbage, a layer of capsicum, bacon, green beans and cabbage then baked in a sealed dish
pohan fried in a breadcrumb batter
pomfrit French fries, chips
poriluk leek
poslastice desserts
posutice type of pasta served with various side dishes (eg, salted pilchards)
poširan poached
povrće vegetable(s)
prepržen prepared au gratia
prilozi side dishes
prokupac red wine similar to Pinot Noir
prošek sweet Dalmatian dessert wine
prstac date mussel - popular on the Adriatic Coast
pršut prized smoke-dried ham similar to Italian prosciutto
pržen fried
pržen u dubokom ulju deep-fried
prženi krumpiri pan-fried potatoes
pržolica s lukom pan-fried steak with onions
pšenica wheat
puding pudding
punjen poo-nyen stuffed
punjena teleća prsa stuffed breast of veal
punjene paprike capsicums stuffed with rice, tomato paste, parsley, onion and mincemeat then oven baked
punjene rajčice tomatoes stuffed with breadcrumbs, garlic and herbs then oven baked
punjene sipe squid fried with onions and garlic, stuffed with a mixture of breadcrumbs, parsley and egg, then baked in the oven in a tomato, garlic, rosemary and wine sauce
punjenje stuffing
puran turkey cock
purica s mlincima s m/een-tsee-ma turkey with
purica turkey hen
puževi na Vrbovečki način sauteed with onions then cooked in a sauce made from flour, paprika, meat stock and sour cream
rajčica tomato
rak (slatkovodni) crayfish
rak crab
raž rye
ražanj grill with a spit
ražnjići shish kebabs
rebarca ribs
repa turnip
restani krumpir roast potato
rezanci pasta
riba fish
riblja juha fish chowder made with freshwater fish cooked with onion, chilli, bay leaves and peppercorns to which tomato paste, paprika, vinegar and chopped parsley are added
riblji paprikaš carp or pike stewed in a paprika sauce and served with home-made noodles
ričet hearty winter soup containing barley, kidney beans, smoked meat and vegetables - flavoured with parsley root, bay leafand garlic
riža rice
rižoto od liganja risotto containing squid, celery root, white wine, tomato paste, olive oil and fish stock - topped with parmesan cheese before serving
rižoto risotto - cooked rice dish made from arborto rice and often served with seafood dishes
rotkvica radish
rožata Croatian creme caramel with the zing of lemon zest
Ruska salata 'Russian salad' - salad of boiled potato, carrots, peas, chicken or ham, pickles and boiled eggs smothered in a sauce containing mayonnaise, lemon juice and parsley
ružmarin rosemary
salama salami
salata od cikle i kupusa beetroot and cabbage salad containing horseradish, green capsicum, onion, garlic, oil and vinegar
salata od krastavaca cucumber salad
salata od patliđana i rajčica eggplant and tomato salad
salata od pečenih paprika roasted red peppers sprinkled with garlic, parsley, oilandvinegar
salata od prokulica boiled Brussels sprouts tossed with minced garlic, oil, lemon juice and vinegar
salata od rajčica tomato salad
salata salad
salo lard
salo na slavonski način carp pieces layered with sliced potato, sprinkled with paprika, smoked bacon and parsley then baked in the oven
sardela pilchard
sardina sardine
sardine u ulju sardines in oil
sarma od lišća od loze vine leaves wrapped around a filling of minced beefand lamb (or beefand pork), egg and rice flavoured with parsley, paprika and pepper then simmered in water, wine or beef consomme
sarma sour cabbage leaves stuffed with a mixture of ground meat (beef, pork and bacon), rice and garlic and flavoured with paprika, chilli and bay leaves then topped with a roux
savijača strudel see štrudla
savijena teletina pounded veal cutlets rolled around a filling of bacon, carrot and dill pickles then coated in flour and fried
seljački ručak fried diced veal combined with eggplant, tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms and parsley and seasoned with paprika
sendvič sandwich
senf mustard
silvanac white wine from Orahovica
sipa cuttlefish
sipa punjen pršutom i rižom cuttlefish stuffed with prosciutto and rice - a Dalmatian speciality
sipica squid
sir cheese
skuhan done (cooked)
skuša mackerel
sladak sweet
sladoled ice cream
sladoled od jagoda strawberry ice cream
sladoled sa šlagom ice cream with whipped cream
slano salty, savoury
slanutak chickpea
slasticama cake shop
slatki kupus sweet cabbage
slavonska riblja salata Slavonian fish salad containing a number of different types of fish (pike, carp etc) poached with herbs and peppercorns then combined with vegetables sauteed in oil and white wine, lemon juice and parsley and served with sour cream
sleđ herring
smokva fig
sok juice
sol salt
som catfish
som na dunavski način catfish fillets flavoured with lemon juice then rolled in flour, fried and baked with a mixture of fried onions, capsicum, chilli and tomato
sos dip , gravy, sauce
sour cream
srednje pečen medium
srnetina venison
stolno vino table wine
sušen dried
sušena svinjska nožica dried pork hock
svinjetina na Đurđevački način pork shanks cooked with tomato, green capsicum, smoked sausage, wine and sour cream and garnished with parsley
svinjetina pork
svinjski gulaš pork goulash
svinjski kotlet na samoborski način pork chop served with garlic sauce and potato
svinjski kotlet pork cutlet
svinjsko koljeno naw pork knuckle
svjež fresh
šampinjon button mushroom
šaran carp
šaumrole puff pastry horns baked in the oven then filled with a mixture of whipped egg white, sugar and lemon juice
šećer sugar
škampi na buzaru scampi stew - a Dalmatian speciality
škampi na gradele grilled scampi - a Dalmatian speciality
škampi scampi (large prawns)
školjke i rakovi 'shellfish and crabs' -equivalent to the collective term 'shellfish'
šljiva plum
šljivovica slivovitz (plum brandy)
špageti spaghetti
šparoga asparagus
špinat spinach
štrudla s kupusum savoury strudei-like pastry filled with shredded cabbage sauteed in oil
štrudla strudel - Croatian speciality containing a variety of sweet or savoury fillings such as cheese, buckwheat, potato, pumpkin, walnuts, poppy seed, nettles or fruit
štrukle biscuit-sized boiled pastry parcels containing fruit fillings
štrukle s jabukama štrukle filled with apple
štrukle strešnjama štrukle filled with sour cherries
štuka pike
šumska jagoda wild strawberry
šunka cured bacon
šunkarica type of salami made of rolled cured offal
tartuf delicacy from the region of Istria sometimes served shaved over scrambled eggs or risotto
teleća jetra na žaru grilled calf liver
teleća ragu-juha veal ragout
teleće pečenje roast veal
teletina veal
teran Istrian red wine
tlačenica brawn, headcheese
topljeni sir seer melted soft cheese
torta od oraha walnut layer cake
traminac well-known dry white wine
trapist type of tasty cheese similar to Port Salut
travarica herbal brandy purportedly with health giving properties
trešnja cherry
tripice tripe
tučeno vrhnje whipped cream
tunjevina tuna
turska kava Turkish coffee - strong brewed coffee popular in Croatia
tvrdo kuhano jaje hard-boiled egg
ukiseljena svinjetina pickled pork
umak dip, gravy, sauce
umak od hrena ; horseradish sauce with sour cream, egg yolk, mustard and lemon juice
umak od rajčice tomato sauce
uštipci savoury doughnuts
vegetables, boiled eggs, garlic, parsley and paprika - a special-occasion treat
voće fruit
voćna salata fruit salad
voćni sladoled fruit-flavoured ice cream
začin seasoning
Zagorska pita od tikvica s makom pumpkin pie with poppy seeds served in Zagorje
Zagorska svatovska juha Zagorje-styie wedding soup' - soup containing veal shanks, celery and parsley roots, kohlrabi, cabbage, onion and carrot flavoured with peppercorns and parsley, with rice, egg yolks and sour cream added
Zagorske štrukle strudel stuffed with a mixture of cottage cheese, butter, cream and eggs - an appetiser popular in the Zagorje region
Zagorski džuveč chicken pieces baked with mixed vegetables stewed in chicken stock, parsley, celery leaves, garlic, chilli and rice
Zagorski pureći odrezak turkey cutlets rolled around an omelette-like filling made from fried onions, mushrooms, turkey liver and eggs then dipped in beaten eggs and breadcrumbs and fried
Zagrebački odrezak veal stuffed with ham and cheese then fried in breadcrumbs
zec na hvarski način from the island of Hvar, this dish contains rabbit marinated in a mixture of vinegar, oil, red wine, celery, garlic, minced onion, thyme, rosemary, peppercorns and cloves then browned and braised in port
zelena maslina green olive
zelena paprika green capsicum, green bell pepper
zelena salata green salad, lettuce
zemička type of bread roll
zubatac dentex(fish)
žaba frog - frogs legs are a popular delicacy sometimes found in a brodet or stew with eels
žgvacet od purana fried cubed turkey combined with onion, garlic and tomato then simmered until tender in white wine, marjoram and basil - an Istrian specialty

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